Our Story

Hey there! Let me be the first to give you a BIG welcome to Vegan Apparel, set up by me (Meg) and my boyfriend (plus our willing assistant puppy, Ella!)

Like you, we're on a mission to add a little bit of goodness to our precious planet by living our best Vegan lives.

I've always been a huge animal lover, having grown up on a farm from, which taught me to love & care for every being, regardless of species.

That's why EVERY single product we sell goes towards rescuing, sheltering & feeding animals all around the UK.

Oh, and that's not it...

100% of our products are ethically made, cruelty-free & in W.R.A.P approved facilities to ensure NO human is exploited or underpaid for the work they do.


We hope you enjoy the products on our store &, of course, if you have ANY questions, please feel free to reach out to us at team@veganapparel.co!